Corona vs Life

प्रकाशित : २०७७ वैशाख ८ गते १४:२१
Corona vs Life

Santosh Awal

One enemy and such has emerged

That has evolved real big and strong

Equipped with multi genes, mutated with all ammunitions

Required to defeat any of human definitions

An enigma to the science and wisest civilians

A challenge thrown to boasting homo sapiens

Disecting countries and humans into isolated angles

Making people kneel on their ankles

The world is in mercy, praying for courtesy

A virus that will engrave itself in the dark history

This era and this time,

Where the world is one and the enemy is one

New buds will bloom & new lives are forming

The world will never stop revolving

We shall rise again with greater energy

And the world flourish with higher synergy

For this time, self love and distance the only remedy

The enemy to mankind shall also fall one day to human brain’s treasury.

Basundhara, Kathmandu

प्रकाशित : २०७७ वैशाख ८ गते १४:२१
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